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There is not one curmudgeon in the rock business who could go toe to toe with PONYTAIL'S new full length ICE CREAM SPIRITUAL and not come out completey elated and ecstatic from the energy and enthusiasm errupting from the sounds. We'd only go that far with alliteration if we weren't feeling the same way. This album is truly SPECTACULAR. The kids are totally alright!!!

ICE CREAM SPIRITUAL is full contact aerobics. Its a hedonistic whirlwind for your ears and body. ICE CREAM SPIRITUAL is the exorcism your stiff loins have been waiting for. Randomly put together in a class experiment, the four members of Baltimore's PONYTAIL have stumbled onto what will be one of the top albums of 2008. We will release together on June 17th, 2008.

Dig the catacombs of the WRF site for MP3s, videos, and a shop containg ICE CREAM SPIRITUAL.




In 2006 INDIAN JEWELRY released their debut "Invasive Exotics" and fired a warning shot that grazed the cheeks and chins of the early adapters. An affair that was urgent, bloody, and by all means necessary.

After almost two years later INDIAN JEWELRY have emerged with their second album titled "FREE GOLD!," this time aiming their sites deep into the cavern of the consumer's capitalist spirit. Matured, calculated, and more urgent than ever, INDIAN JEWELRY have honed their skill that is barely surface skimmed by others trying to take hand at the craft.

It is a monumental pop album, but pop in the INDIAN JEWELRY way. Hooks buried in drifts of noise, dance grooves, lyrics buried in hazey blizzards. But, there are even surprises; acoustic guitars, love, and even some straight shooting. "FREE GOLD!" is beautiful. It's pissed. It's cool. It's the most important album you'll buy this year.

Purchase "FREE GOLD!"




Friends and UK dwellers.It thrills me to no end to announce that Yeasayer is prepping at this very moment for their taping on Later with JOOLS HOLLAND. For those of you outside of the UK or its reaches, it is an honor to be included on the show, and we are very gracious. Probably comparable to a US all music version of Saturday Night Live...possible right?
Here are the details for viewing:
Tonight - Later With Jools Holland:

On BBC2 - at 10pm TONIGHT

Live Transmission - 30 minutes long.

go here for info:

THEN transmits this Friday, April 11th in an hour long show at 11.35pm on BBC2.
Please watch and let us know how it rumbles, they don't carry BBC2 on the giant TVs here in the states.

Sir James Winnie


WE ARE FREE announces FIRST SXSW Showcase!

The wheels keep turning as we inch closer and closer to that near frat-boy-girls-gone-kinda-wild festival called SXSW. This year will be WE ARE FREE's first entry and its going to be radical. This year (along w/ some friends) we are proud to have perform PONYTAIL, INDIAN JEWELRY, and YEASAYER. The show details here:Thursday March 13th @ Emo's Lounge (IV)
Friends start at 8pm (Dynasty Handbag, Le Loup, Pit er Pat)
Then FAMILY starts at 11pm:

Please check our tour page as we update other shows our FAMILY will be playing as well as well as our PONYTAIL + INDIAN JEWERLY album/SXSW teaser pages for your viewing.


02.29.08 (Leap day)

New WE ARE FREE home.
It's been a while since we changed our HQ, and though this version isn't the final saga, its a healthy start. It sometimes gets tough to keep up when you are busy with the pen and the pad.

We are very exited about 2008 with plenty of fine releases prepping for release and some in the chamber and loaded. Riding off a very fine debut, YEASAYER's "All Hour Cymbals," WE ARE FREE will follow with two drop dead full lengths by INDIAN JEWELRY and PONYTAIL.

INDIAN JEWELRY, who recoiled back to the oil soaked mud of Houston, just finished up their second full length "FREE GOLD!" It is an astonishing album, completely filled with pop singles. Yes, INDIAN JEWERLY are still pissed, but this album has some serious wall-bangers! A digital maxi-single will be announced shortly followed by the release of "FREE GOLD!" on May 20th.

, fellow residents of Baltimore USA, also recently finished their second full length, though this time instead of an afternoon the quartet had a week to do so. The result? An album that has captured the intensity of the live show. Given the name "ICE CREAM SPIRITUAL," PONYTAIL's second long'n is pure sugarcane spasms while at the same time as complex as your closet Yes albums. Expect a sneak peak of the album and a digital single very soon before their album is released worldwide on June 17th.

We are not really sure if you could classify that CONAN O'BRIEN is a rock critic or not, but he sure did jive with the sounds of YEASAYER as they played his set up a bit over a week ago. A solid performance of "2080" from the dudez...hopefully the link still works...click here.

...more news soon followers